A universe of emotions and memories,
between artistic vein and artisan know-how

Margarine are small handmade sculptures, carved in wood and entirely hand painted. Their name is inspired by the Italian word “Margaro”, a term linked to the Piedmontese tradition that evokes a dimension between myth and memory. Each Margarina has a different sensibility and it tells us a journey made of colours, scents, and traditions. A story waiting to be discovered, to tell today the authenticity of yesterday.


The chisels, the texture, the colour choice, the well-intergrown knot; each Margarina is unique and non-replicable. Every detail becomes a unique artist’s touch, made with extreme care and love. Once finished, each sculpture is painted with a different arrangement of colours that enhances the natural beauty of the wood.

Entirely handmade

From the idea to the design, ‘till the finished sculpture, Margarine are entirely handmade. Margarine are carved from Pino Cembro – also called Cirmolo – a valuable wood with a unique scent. It’s a soft material to work with, and it releases a lovely perfume that lasts for years.


Margarine comes to life from a real story, recreating a universe tailored to you. Because of this, beside the ten in the “basic collection”, it’s possible to create a custom Margarina that best represents your passion, your dreams, and your fantasies. Musician, poet, explorer; will you inspire the next sculpture?